I came across this article about what Hiring Experts want to see in a Résumé.  Made a lot of sense.  Many of their points are topics that I have been advising my clients about.  An interesting point was the length  – one page or two maximum.  I usually have three maximum, but in today’s fast-paced world, they’re probably right, but it depends on your length of career.  However, good for thought.  If you can say it in less words, and achieve the same impact, then opt for less words.

People with less  work experience, or school-leavers, are usually advised to include a career objective at the top of their CV/Résumé.  Newsflash – hiring managers don’t care what your career objective is – really.  They want to know what value you can bring, and how you compare to other candidates.  They want to see that you have used your initiative, for example, by getting some relevant work experience in your industry or by volunteering.  Make sure you have stories that can be supported by facts and figures or by recommendations from managers, colleagues or senior school personnel.

Take a look and let me know what you think.