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Resume/CV Services

A great resume or CV is the key to making a successful career change. Does your resume or CV define and highlight your skills, experience and achievements powerfully?

  • You have between 6-10 seconds to make a positive first impression with your Resume/CV. What does yours say about you in that time?
  • Can Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) read your Resume/CV?
  • Is your Resume/CV skimmable and easy for recruiters or employers to quickly find the information they need?

Resumes and CVs are marketing documents – they need to sell you well for a specific role, which is why they’re customized according to the role you’re applying for.  No longer is a ‘generic’ Resume/CV up to the task.   Formatting rules have changed. Key words are also crucial as HR recruitment systems include automated Resume/CV reading.

Top Job Coaching will ensure that your Resume/CV is formatted in a modern, clean and clear way, and that the value you bring will be evident from the start.

Top Job Coaching has completed Resumes/CVs for Graduates to CEO/Director level across many industries including:

  • Government Departments (e.g. Health, TMR, Education, Disability Services, Infrastructure/Planning, Policy)
  • Mining & Resources
  • Banking & Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • ICT/IS&T (Information Technology/Knowledge Management)
  • Supply Chain/Warehousing & Logistics
  • Not-For-Profit Sector
  • Community & Disability Services
  • Retail, Manufacturing
  • Tourism & Events
  • Franchising
  • Media, Marketing & Communications (Agency & Client side)
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Sales
  • Hospitality
  • Customer Service

For those early in their careers, you’ve had some work experience and perhaps a couple of roles where you’ve achieved some great things!  We want to make sure those are highlighted, and that you’re positioned well for your next chapter.

For those whose careers are more established or senior, it’s important that your CV shows the contribution you’ve made to date, and the difference you’ll make going forward.  There will be themes that have developed over your career to date, and it’s crucial that these are clearly evident quickly and well matched to what the employer is seeking.

Top Job Coaching’s Resumes have achieved a high level of success in helping candidates achieve an interview.  Your Top Job Coaching consultant will work with you to understand your career to date, the job or role that you’re interested in next and how to best position you for that.  We’ll talk through your previous roles, understand your stories, achievements and skills, and make sure you understand what the employer is looking for.

  • Please book a 30 Minute Discovery Call.
  • Draft Resume/CV written and forwarded to client for review.
  • Email/Skype/Phone communication to refine and complete.
  • Allow up to 2 weeks to complete – negotiable depending on deadline.
  • Up to and including 3 revisions if required.
  • Should CV need to be completed within 48 hours, or across a weekend, then additional 15% may be applied if TJC consultant is available to complete.

Pricing varies based on length of work experience

Lynda really helped me identify my skills and value and communicate it quickly on paper. I thought I knew how to write a CV and cover letter but Lynda gave me so many tips, tricks and insights into the HR world. I would recommend her services to anyone, including young uni graduates! 

Jane Brouwers – Law Graduate 

Thank you for the time you took to gain a thorough understanding of my career history, future goals and research of my targeted position and industry. Your ability to ask the right questions, really listen and extract key strengths to articulate a true reflection of me as a professional is a true gift.  

Megan Hunt – HR and Change Management Professional 

Cover Letters

While some now question the value of Cover Letters, they help make that first all-important impression.  They’re your personal introduction to the reader and need to be customised for each role to highlight relevant key points that promote how you best match the opportunity.

You are to confirm the name and contact details of the person to whom the letter will be addressed – usually a simple phone call to the organisation is all that is required to gain this, or some research using LinkedIn.

PRO TIP: NEVER EVER use ‘Dear Sir/Madam’.  This shows that you haven’t been bothered to do any research about the organisation – not a great start to your personal introduction!

Please provide your CV and the job advertisement for one specific position. Client is to confirm the name and contact details of the person to whom the letter will be addressed.

Full payment required at time of booking.  1 x A4 page.  Up to and including 3 revisions if required.


I would highly recommend Lynda from Top Job Coaching – her personal approach throughout the process, her level of detail and additional research into my industry completely astounded me. Having been out of the workforce for 2 years, my sense of self-worth was dusty to say the least; but after our discussion, I came out feeling renewed and empowered. Lynda’s wonderful friendly approach felt just like having a chat with an old friend, and she was able to not only sum up my work history in one perfect document, she also ‘brushed off the dust’ and made me see my own achievements again through fresh eyes, and feel proud and confident enough to show them off. Thank-you so much for everything.

Melanie Holland – Air Traffic Controller

LinkedIn Profile

Why is a good LinkedIn profile necessary?

Here are Top Job Coaching’s Top Six Reasons:

1. LinkedIn is currently THE networking platform for business – allowing you to connect online and offline.

2. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to research potential connections, employers, jobs and industries. It is a gateway to the “Hidden Job Market” where the highest number of job opportunities still exist. It IS about who you know!

3. Your profile is searchable 24/7. You can showcase your achievements in a visual and personal way, include links to other information sources, AND have other people singing your praises through Recommendations. LinkedIn is your online portfolio.

4. All Recruiters and employers use LinkedIn as a talent database, and they WILL Google your name to find out more about you. A good LinkedIn profile allows you to control the information they find.

5. LinkedIn provides unlimited opportunities for professional development and ongoing learning through Groups, Posts, following Industry thought-leaders and Influencers, and through LinkedIn’s online learning platform.

6. Use LinkedIn to build your credibility and profile within your industry and network as a thought-leader, publisher and content contributor. The more visible you are, the profile more views you receive. Opportunities will result from consistent activity.

LinkedIn tells a visual story about you and your career, so the more visual information you have included (e.g. Photos, videos, copies of articles written, presentations made, achievements, projects you’ve worked on), the more compelling your profile will become! We’ll discuss the different Profile sections with you and what kind of information we’d include in those.

When you use Top Job Coaching to create or update your LinkedIn profile, we’ll coach you about how to use LinkedIn for job search and to access the Hidden Job Market. Many clients include this service together with having their CV/Resume completed.

Our process is as follows:
• We’ll get to know you by Email/Skype/Phone. If we’ve completed your CV/Resume, we’ll already know a lot about you.
• Your TJC Consultant will discuss uploading options with you.
• You’ll be asked to provide an appropriate, high-resolution profile photo and banner image. Banner suggestions will also be provided. Should you not have a professional profile photo, Top Job Coaching can recommend photographers who take professional profile photographs.
• You’ll receive a personalised LinkedIn Recommendations document (see detail below).
• Up to and including 3 revisions if required.
• Allow up to 2 weeks to complete, though this is negotiable depending on deadline.
• Should the profile need to be completed within 48 hours, or across a weekend, then additional 15% may be applied if TJC consultant is available to complete.

TJC will prepare a LinkedIn Recommendations document for you that covers:
• Photo standout, Banner image suggestions, Personalised URL
• 3 x Headline options
• About Section (formerly Summary – 2000 characters including spaces)
• Role + Experience Summary for Current + last 3 roles
• Up to 2 Projects
• Skills Recommendations (up to 50)
• Education and Certifications
• Volunteering, Memberships
• Multimedia upload,
• Upload of all approved info when photo is on hand.

“I can help you explore your strengths and preferences to help identify traits or characteristics and have a greater understanding of interaction with different job roles”

Government Positions – Selection Criteria

Many Government or Senior positions require completion of Selection Criteria as part of their applications, often in the form of a two-page statement.  Candidates need to demonstrate their fit to those criteria through specific examples and storytelling.

Different departments will have different ways of describing their selection criteria:  as ‘Role Fit’ or ‘How you will be assessed’ with headings outlining the applicable capability framework included.  For example, headings could be –  Supports strategic direction, Achieves results, Supports productive working relationships, Displays personal drive and integrity, Communicates with influence.  You’ll be asked to demonstrate contextualized behaviours and achievements in story format.  It’s also important to consider the organisations strategic objectives and values and how you demonstrate your fit against those.

Most current applications require a two-page statement, so the price assumes 2 pages.

  • Up to and including 3 revisions if required.  Price assumes two-page statement.
  • Allow up to 1 week to complete – negotiable depending on deadline.

Should these need to be completed within 48 hours, or across a weekend, then additional 15% may be applied if TJC consultant is available to complete.

Please email your CV, job advertisement including selection criteria for one specific position. Your Top Job Coaching consultant will send you back questions/comments for you to complete prior to any writing beginning.

Full payment required at time of booking.  Up to and including 3 revisions if required.

Lynda assisted me with an application for a Senior Executive position. She provided excellent suggestions as to the language to use. Her feedback was prompt and to the point.  

Linda Ewing – State Educator Children’s Cancer Services at Queensland Paediatric Haematology Oncology Network.

Personality Assessments

The perfect foundation to start career exploration, these assessments are based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and I am trained to deliver these as part of my Graduate Certificate in Career Development (Swinburne University).

Personality Assessments can be a useful tool to help with direction and to provide greater self-awareness and self-acceptance of our preferences, characteristics and traits. They also help identify our values – what’s important to help us feel rewarded and satisfied, recognised and motivated. They may also highlight traits or characteristics that we are not aware of and how those might be helpful or unhelpful in a work environment, for example. They can be useful for self-reflection and understanding and for learning how to better interact with others in a team or work group.

What’s the process?
After purchasing this service, the client completes the assessments online via a specific URL sent by Top Job Coaching. Allow up to 2 hours to complete these – preferable in one sitting.

Your Top Job Coaching consultant will receive a notification when you have completed the assessments and will then contact you to schedule the 2-hour explanatory session.

Your Top Job Coaching consultant will email you digital copies your results in report form and will explain and discuss these in a meeting (Zoom or phone – allow up to 2 hours).

Personality Assessment Reports include:
• 12-page Personal Profile (MBTI® personality type)
• 6-page Career-Life Values report
• 6 -page Career-Life Skills report
• 5-page Transferable Skills report
• 9-page Career Path Interests report
• 4-page Obstacles report
• STARI Story Telling template
• A 100+ page MBTI®-based profile for your personality type covering life stages, professional development and typical careers .

This service must be purchased in full and up front prior to the URL being sent by Top Job Coaching.

I had a number of agencies contact me as they were so impressed with my CV.  One did an audit on my CV, and it passed with flying colours. 

Jane Suffolk – former Payroll & Administration Manager, Triumph International Australia.