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Investing in Leadership Development will help you transition from team member to team leader, fast. Top Job Coaching offers Management Training and Professional Development for new and potential managers that’s one-on-one and accessible no matter where you are.

Basics For New Managers

A course of 5 x 2hr coaching sessions, spaced over 10 weeks

Basics For New Managers is a short professional development course of practical coaching sessions to help you deal with your new reality as Manager and leader of your team. The program is built to support you to make the best impact in the all-important first 100 days.

It’s essential management training, delivered through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, specially crafted to suit your industry and include any issues you encounter from week to week as you move through the transition period.

Coaching Topics explore the responsibilities and unwritten expectations of you in your new role as leader. Basics for New Managers focuses on identifying what’s different in your new role, relationship building, developing soft skills, thinking like a manager, delegating, making sure the work gets done, and avoiding common pitfalls of new managers – like Oversupervising or Undersupervising. Management Training is designed to help you deal powerfully with challenges that arise in the first 100 days.


management training quoteI can offer a real Leadership Development program and management training that gives you the skills to deal with your new role as Manager. It’s a big change from being ‘one of the team’ to leading the team. We can work together on plans you can use to be a great Manager today!leadership development quote


Performance Review Practice For Managers and Supervisors

A course of 4 x 2hr coaching sessions, spaced over 4 weeks

Preparation is critical for team reviews. As a Manager, you may need to deliver challenging feedback, or initiate action plans to impact poor performance.

This series of Coaching Sessions is essential management training and gets you prepared for all the variables that can arise in a Performance Review by exploring topics such as How to prepare for a Performance Review – your performance and theirs, Giving Constructive Feedback (Positive and Negative), Formulating Targets and KPIs, Creating Personal Development Plans.

Top Job Coaching sessions are flexible to suit your work commitments and particular industry needs.


TESTIMONIAL Lynda is articulate, concise and thorough in her approach to business. Her implementation of practical policy improved business operations. She is encouraging and focused always Lisa Broadby – National Sales Manager – Speciality Accounts and Triumph Own Stores – Triumph

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