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The perfect foundation to start career exploration, these assessments are based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and I am trained to deliver these as part of my Graduate Certificate in Career Development (Swinburne University).

Personality Assessments can be a useful tool to help with direction and to provide greater self-awareness and self-acceptance of our preferences, characteristics and traits. They also help identify our values – what’s important to help us feel rewarded and satisfied, recognised and motivated. They may also highlight traits or characteristics that we are not aware of and how those might be helpful or unhelpful in a work environment, for example. They can be useful for self-reflection and understanding and for learning how to better interact with others in a team or work group.

What’s the process?
After purchasing this service, the client completes the assessments online via a specific URL sent by Top Job Coaching. Allow up to 2 hours to complete these – preferable in one sitting.

Your Top Job Coaching consultant will receive a notification when you have completed the assessments and will then contact you to schedule the 2-hour explanatory session.

Your Top Job Coaching consultant will email you digital copies your results in report form and will explain and discuss these in a meeting (Zoom or phone – allow up to 2 hours).

Personality Assessment Reports include:
• 12-page Personal Profile (MBTI® personality type)
• 6-page Career-Life Values report
• 6 -page Career-Life Skills report
• 5-page Transferable Skills report
• 9-page Career Path Interests report
• 4-page Obstacles report
• STARI Story Telling template
• A 100+ page MBTI®-based profile for your personality type covering life stages, professional development and typical careers .

This service must be purchased in full and up front prior to the URL being sent by Top Job Coaching.

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interview skills quoteI can help you explore your strengths and preferences to help identify traits or characteristics and have a greater understanding of interaction with different job roles.job interview quote 2

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