Grateful List

It’s true – every year at this time I say ‘Wow – where did that year go?’ It’s a curious phenomenon that seems to happen to you when you get older…time moves faster – I’m sure of it.

It’s so easy to blink before Christmas, and end up in mid-January, and wonder ‘what the heck happened?’ So I urge you to stop, take stock, look back at the year that was, and really give thanks – for everything – the good, the fantastic, the hilarious, the interesting, the challenging, the bad, the scary, and even the down-right annoying.

Thanks for the serious family illness that shouted at me, up close, to recognise how precious life is – probably truly for the first time. Thanks for true friends, the kind that drop everything to be there – and a serious reminder to try to be that kind of friend to others.  Thanks for family who stepped in to cover and an employer who understood and allowed me to work my commitments around that.

Thanks for the blessing of employment – whether I created it or someone else did: not something to be taken for granted in this fast-moving, insecure world of work.  Thanks for the opportunities we have here and for the reminder to grab them whenever possible.

Thanks for the ability to give back, to share with and learn from others – any time, any place.   I’m constantly amazed at the gems I pick up, if I stop long enough to listen.

I’m thankful to say I could go on….to create a very long list of people and things to be grateful for.

What will be on your grateful list?

Season’s blessings to you all.