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Many Government or Senior positions require completion of Selection Criteria as part of their applications, often in the form of a two-page statement.  Candidates need to demonstrate their fit to those criteria through specific examples and storytelling.

Different departments will have different ways of describing their selection criteria:  as ‘Role Fit’ or ‘How you will be assessed’ with headings outlining the applicable capability framework included.  For example, headings could be –  Supports strategic direction, Achieves results, Supports productive working relationships, Displays personal drive and integrity, Communicates with influence.  You’ll be asked to demonstrate contextualized behaviours and achievements in story format.  It’s also important to consider the organisations strategic objectives and values and how you demonstrate your fit against those.

Most current applications require a two-page statement, so the price assumes 2 pages.

  • Up to and including 3 revisions if required.  Price assumes two-page statement.
  • Allow up to 1 week to complete – negotiable depending on deadline.

Should these need to be completed within 48 hours, or across a weekend, then additional 15% may be applied if TJC consultant is available to complete.

Please email your CV, job advertisement including selection criteria for one specific position. Your Top Job Coaching consultant will send you back questions/comments for you to complete prior to any writing beginning.

Full payment required at time of booking.  Up to and including 3 revisions if required.


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