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Need help to define and highlight your skills, experience and achievements? Relaunching your career into a different industry or career path? Want to understand more about your personality, interests, values and their influence on your career?

Principal Consultant, Lynda Bundock, has helped many make a career change with a range of Resume and job application services, personality assessments, and help with Job Interview skills. Lynda has more than 25 years’ business experience including Head of HR and Head of Marketing roles.  She holds a Graduate Certificate in Career Development, a Bachelor of Business in Marketing/HR, a Diploma of Management and is a qualified trainer.  Lynda’s specialises in Career Coaching for people who are relaunching their careers. Call Top Job Coaching today.

career change quoteClearly understanding your unique blend of skills and abilities and being able to demonstrate how they add value to an organisation is key to remaining employable in the rapidly-changing world of change quote 2


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