Meet Lynda

Hello! I’m Lynda.  

My passion is to help people uncover their career direction, discover their stories and promote themselves effectively, whether in a Resume, in an Interview or on LinkedIn.

My business grew from reinventing myself to spend more time with my daughter and family.  I left corporate life in Marketing/HR, became a qualified Trainer, then studied post-grad Career Development, and am now a Career Coach.

I help my clients with:

  • Job Application Assistance
  • Writing or refreshing Resumes/CVs
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • Selection Criteria
  • Interview Skills Coaching
  • Preparing for applying for promotions, annual reviews and salary reviews
  • Identifying transferable skills and abilities
  • Effective communication of achievements and career stories

I started my business because people kept asking me for help with their Resumes and job applications. After working in HR, and sitting in the employer’s seat, I realised that many people I’d encountered weren’t really clear about what they wanted to do.  They also weren’t considering what the employer wanted. Many just wanted ‘a job’, and didn’t expect to be happy or inspired by what they did. It was as though that was unachievable. As I talked to people about what they specifically had to offer (their value), what they’d ideally like to do, how that might be achievable, and how to position themselves for it – I saw ‘lightbulb’ moments happen.  I love that part ?

It takes the right mindset, there’s a process to follow, and persistence is required, but if you’re willing to put in the work, then achieving work that loves you back is possible.

I have worked with more than 250 clients and love receiving their calls and emails telling me they’ve landed that new role, been promoted or won that higher salary. 

Community involvement is one of my strongest values.  Because of this, I have been actively involved in our school P&C Association (and President for three years), am still involved in fundraising for many projects – I’m an old hand at sausage sizzles, election stalls, and village festivals!

Also, I recently accepted the role as President of Holidays for Health – a Brisbane-based NFP organisation providing short retreats for women with mental illness. It’s an exciting initiative that really makes a difference to women who are often living with disadvantage.  Check us out at:

Certifications & Affiliations


We’re Certified by Career Money Life


Have you ever booked a hotel online only to show up and find out that it wasn’t really what you expected? Your perception didn’t really match the reality? Those gorgeous photos on the Internet turned out to be completely false and that delicious sounding continental breakfast was really just instant coffee and bland, white toast. It’s disappointing, it’s maddening and sometimes costly, but how can you be sure that what you’re buying online actually lives up to your expectations?

Businesses competing online need strict vetting processes so that consumers know they are buying from credible, quality providers, who deliver what they say they will. This is even more important in the services space where the product is the person delivering the service. 

Recently, Top Job Coaching entered a partnership with Career Money Life, a new online business poised to shake-up Australia and New Zealand’s career transition and development industry for the better.

A world’s first, Career Money Life is an online platform for selecting career development and transition service that uses community feedback to help people choose relevant and meaningful services for their development or transition based on their needs. Purpose built to embrace individuality; Career Money Life offers a holistic, inspired range of services in career development and transition, money management and health and wellbeing.

Career Money Life recognises that it’s only as good as its suppliers, and so puts a great deal of care into the selection and vetting of any potential supplier. 

I am pleased to say that Top Job Coaching completed a strict vetting process that includes checks on our professional industry certifications, academic credentials, appropriate licensing, as well as the ACCC, ASIC, Scam Watch investigations, DIA, Commerce Commission Consumer Report, and NZ Companies Office. In addition, social media and Google search reviews were also conducted.

And we were delighted to do so!  I am pleased to say we have been approved as a supplier with Career Money Life, which is great news for you, and us.

You benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are who we say we are, we stand by what we say and deliver quality services that exceed expectations. 

Career Money Life Certified Supplier logo; it’s your assurance that we have met strict standards in quality and competency.Learn more about our certification at


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