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The goal of career coaching is to empower you by helping you to make informed decision about your career direction. It’s a solution-based approach to career decisions. We focus on results, actions and accountability. It’s important to note at the outset that the best results are gained when the client is open to exploring new ideas, willing to step outside their comfort zone and motivated to embark on the work that’s involved in the process of change.

Starting with the Personality Assessments (see Services Tab for full description) to help identify values, skills, characteristics and traits, we’ll also help you identify your goals, help to uncover the ideas you’ve already had about what you’d like to do, and the skills and achievements you’ve already had. We help you uncover your stories and how they demonstrate skills and abilities.

You will be asked to provide your current CV or a description of your work history so far, and to complete a short questionnaire about your current thoughts.

Personality Assessment Reports include:
• 12-page Personal Profile (MBTI® personality type)
• 6-page Career-Life Values report
• 6 -page Career-Life Skills report
• 5-page Transferable Skills report
• 9-page Career Path Interests report
• 4-page Obstacles report
• STARI Story Telling template
• A 100+ page MBTI®-based profile for your personality type covering life stages, professional development and typical careers.

Package Includes:
• Initial 30 Min Discovery Call (use You Can Book me link to schedule this)
• Personality Assessments (includes up to 2-hour explanation session)
• 2 x 1.5-hour Career Coaching sessions
• Sessions are completed by phone or Skype, or happy to meet in person (Brisbane only).

Session 1: Personality Assessment reports – explaining your results.
• The assessments cover your Personality Type (MBTI-based), Values, Interests, Skills (including transferable) and obstacles that you are currently facing.
• You’ll get some homework about identifying your stories from this discussion, which will set you up for our coaching sessions.

Session 2: Explores the following:
• Your goals
• Your current situation (current career, skills, experience)
• Options of interest (referring back to the personality assessments)
• Action plan for next session including tools for you to use to investigate options further.
Session 3: Narrowing down options further and how to approach the market for those.
• Developing next action plan.

The Career Coaching Package is available on a ‘Pay by Instalment’ plan. Please ask when booking.


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