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Why is a good LinkedIn profile necessary?

Here are Top Job Coaching’s Top Six Reasons:
1. LinkedIn is currently THE networking platform for business – allowing you to connect online and offline.
2. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to research potential connections, employers, jobs and industries. It is a gateway to the “Hidden Job Market” where the highest number of job opportunities still exist. It IS about who you know!
3. Your profile is searchable 24/7. You can showcase your achievements in a visual and personal way, include links to other information sources, AND have other people singing your praises through Recommendations. LinkedIn is your online portfolio.
4. All Recruiters and employers use LinkedIn as a talent database, and they WILL Google your name to find out more about you. A good LinkedIn profile allows you to control the information they find.
5. LinkedIn provides unlimited opportunities for professional development and ongoing learning through Groups, Posts, following Industry thought-leaders and Influencers, and through LinkedIn’s online learning platform.
6. Use LinkedIn to build your credibility and profile within your industry and network as a thought-leader, publisher and content contributor. The more visible you are, the profile more views you receive. Opportunities will result from consistent activity.

LinkedIn tells a visual story about you and your career, so the more visual information you have included (e.g. Photos, videos, copies of articles written, presentations made, achievements, projects you’ve worked on), the more compelling your profile will become! We’ll discuss the different Profile sections with you and what kind of information we’d include in those.

When you use Top Job Coaching to create or update your LinkedIn profile, we’ll coach you about how to use LinkedIn for job search and to access the Hidden Job Market. Many clients include this service together with having their CV/Resume completed.

Our process is as follows:
• We’ll get to know you by Email/Skype/Phone. If we’ve completed your CV/Resume, we’ll already know a lot about you.
• Your TJC Consultant will discuss uploading options with you.
• You’ll be asked to provide an appropriate, high-resolution profile photo and banner image. Banner suggestions will also be provided. Should you not have a professional profile photo, Top Job Coaching can recommend photographers who take professional profile photographs.
• You’ll receive a personalised LinkedIn Recommendations document (see detail below).
• Up to and including 3 revisions if required.
• Allow up to 2 weeks to complete, though this is negotiable depending on deadline.
• Should the profile need to be completed within 48 hours, or across a weekend, then additional 15% may be applied if TJC consultant is available to complete.

TJC will prepare a LinkedIn Recommendations document for you that covers:
• Photo standout, Banner image suggestions, Personalised URL
• 3 x Headline options
• About Section (formerly Summary – 2000 characters including spaces)
• Role + Experience Summary for Current + last 3 roles
• Up to 2 Projects
• Skills Recommendations (up to 50)
• Education and Certifications
• Volunteering, Memberships
• Multimedia upload,
• Upload of all approved info when photo is on hand.


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