I love LinkedIn!    There, I said it. Since being invited to write a course for a Registered Training Organisation about getting up and running with LinkedIn, I started doing some serious research into the platform. There would still be loads that I am yet to learn, but what I’ve learned so far is fantastic! And I can put that to work for you now that I have finished writing the course!
LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful platform to use when researching companies, researching jobs, trying to find out who is best to connect with at that company, finding people who have similar experience and interests to you, learning from them through reading comments and interacting with groups, expanding your network – I could go on and on! So if you need some help with this, then give me a call. Oh – and I will be running courses at the Redcliffe Hive (business networking offices in Redcliffe) coming up soon, so will post the dates on the blog when they are set.
Here’s an insider’s tip: this is the link that can provide you with every industry on LinkedIn – a seriously great way to start researching your desired career, looking at specific industries, and seeing who works within them.


Click on this and Bookmark it! I heard about it from a guy called Joshua Waldman. I’m lovin’ it.