I’ve had a lot of dealings recently with people from a company going through major change brought about by new senior management.  In the scheme of things, change is nothing new.  As we know – change is constant, and everything goes in cycles!

But it struck me that while people think they may have a secure job, the reality is often different, for many reasons.  Job today…no job tomorrow!  Many people are unprepared for losing their job, or unprepared to fight to keep the job they have!

So what can you do to be prepared for either eventuality?  You need to be constantly reviewing where you’re at, what you’re doing, what you’re learning, new skills you’re acquiring, and compiling stories about your successes and the challenges you’ve overcome.  Why a constant review?  Because it’s easier to do this when the information is fresh in your mind, rather than trying to recall details, or facts and figures months or years later!   And…don’t forget those important visuals for LinkedIn.  Remember – a picture really does tell 1000 words, and the internet is a visual medium.

I like to equate work these days with ‘Tours of Duty’.  Like the military equivalent, it infers an engagement for a specific time frame or project, which could be short or long.  But what I like about this term is that it implies that you’ll only be invited to ‘tour again’ or maintain your place on the team if you can demonstrate that you’re worthy of that spot.   You’ve maintained your employability.

The link below is to a really useful article by Bob McIntosh of CPRW, who has written about ’10 ways to prepare before leaving your job.’  This is a MUST READ!  Make  sure you scroll down to read the comment from ‘White Hunter’ – it describes what my clients are going through with uncanny accuracy, and he says ‘he’s seen it over and over again”.  So have I in my marketing and HR career.  So as they say….better safe than sorry.  Maintain your employability by being prepared and confident with current information.  Know your stories, your skills and the value you bring…to either your existing employer, or a new one!

10 Ways to prepare before leaving your job

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