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10 Seconds!

Remember that an interviewer will be making a decision about your resume in the first 10 seconds - either 'yes' to read on, or 'no'. You have 10 seconds to really make an impact, so what information do you have in the first third of your first page?

Quantify your results

When putting together your resume, try to quantify your results as much as possible. This makes for much more compelling reading, and demonstrates that you can use key skills. For example: instead of saying: 'Added to sales revenue and expanded account base', you'll...

Perfect your Pitch!

As Daniel Priestly says in his book 'Become a Key Person of Influence'..."The world has changed and so must you. We're in the Ideas Economy...unless we can let go of everything we currently think and do, we will fail to see the opportunities of tomorrow." How true....