Isn’t it funny how our bodies know what we need? I have been having a particularly busy time of late juggling a holiday with my daughter and her first plane flight, her 5th birthday party (with 20+ kids), two 90th birthday parties (not mine!), building a new business, and starting a new part-time job that requires a lot of preparation hence late nights, maintaining a long running battle with Telstra, as well as the usual ‘fun’ of being a working mum and wife.

I know I’m stressed because I’m grinding my teeth, my jaw is sore and I’m feeling tense. I think I’m also wearing a frown, as people keep asking me if I’m OK. My dear husband has been quieter than usual, which means that I must also be stalking around the house, and he’s keeping out of my way!

During all this, I stopped exercising in the morning, which was my way of releasing tension and feeling good every morning. Those 30 mins on the treadmill followed by 12 minute interval training video and 10 minute stretch do wonders for me in all sorts of ways, and I had stopped doing it in all the rushing around. Even though I know how good it feels to exercise every day, I couldn’t push myself out of bed at 5.30am to make it all happen. But this week I started again. A little voice inside (or from above) kept repeating – “Get up and exercise”. So I did, and have felt more able to cope with what life throws at me.

It’s the same with job hunting. This is a particularly stressful time. You’re searching for a role that will deliver not only financial benefits, but all those other benefits that come with contributing, feeling challenged, building relationships with clients and co-workers, and having something important to do each day that you hopefully love (or at least like) doing. And often, you’re doing this while being unemployed, or working in a role that you’re no longer enjoying.

So try to work out what it is that your body needs to help you feel as though you can take on new challenges. Take some time out to listen. Your body (or soul or spirit) will tell you, and you’ll feel much more able to take on the job search, and come from a position of strength, not desperation. This will show to potential employers in the way you conduct yourself, and especially in your non-verbal communication. The benefits are many, and a feeling of inner strength is one of the best ones! Have a great day.